Per angusta in augusta.

Through difficulties to great things.

this is the ask box

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Through the crowd patchwork souls
move closer, closer
And when you fall down in between them all
Here you are whole, not broken

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First picture: MSU library reading room, circa late 1940s.
Second picture: same space, MSU museum, today.

Fun fact: the fireplace is still there, and there’s also still wood in it. The dragon-boat looking thing on the fireplace is gone, but the single nail it hung on remains

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This is a real question though and I hate putting things on facebook: what sorts of things are you looking forward to?

Academia: Spending an obscene amount of time and resources to accomplish actually nothing statistically significant but still talk about it for years and years

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Felix helping me read, a montage.

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Some birds’ feathers are too bright to be caged
I know I’m not that colorful but a bird just the same
Open up your gate now, let me put down my load
So I can feel at ease and go back to my home

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